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At this stage there is no specific api as such to get at the embedded RDFa
data in WorldCat - you can use the normal UI of WorldCat itself or one of
the WorldCat Search API options such as
  This experimental first step at exposing WorldCat data as linked data
will evolve. As more development and discussion guides us, more data and
ways to get at it will appear.

You can get at the raw RDF from the embedded RDFa it in a couple of ways.
 The W3C RDFa 1.1 Distiller <> is one.
 Another is using the ARC2 PHP
those that want to write some simple code.  Bruce Washburn has published a
how he used ARC2 in the enhanced WorldCat Facebook App to extract the RDF
from WorldCat and process it to link on and use the same technique on Viaf
and FAST.  He includes code snippets and a link to the full source for
those that are interested.

A minor point on licensing - the linked data is licensed under
not CC-BY.  ODC-BY is a data oriented license, as against CC which is more
creative work oriented.

Sorry my email was hard to find - it is [log in to unmask]  Also if
you have questions or comments about OCLC linked data formatting or
publishing you can drop an email to [log in to unmask]


On 10 July 2012 19:42, Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I have demonstrated the microdata in the WC database to
> various folks and the question always is: how do I get access to this? (The
> only source I have is the Facebook API, me being a "user" rather than a
> "maker".) The microdata is CC-BY once you get a Worldcat URI, but is there
> an open search to get one to the desired records in the first place? I'm
> poorly-versed in WC APIs so I'm hoping others have a better grasp.
> @rjw: the OCLC website does a thorough job of hiding email addresses or I
> would have asked this directly. Then again, a discussion here could have
> added value.
> Thanks,
> kc
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