Many of you have requested an extension to the proposal deadline
because of summer schedules. As such, the new proposal deadline is now
31 August 2012.

Remember, the event is a FREE post-conference to LITA Forum. All
attendees get to hear Phil Simon speak about how great platforms work
and how we can carry that over to our libraries. You’ll also receive a
free copy of his book, The Age of the Platform.

So submit your ideas now for a 20 minute session, 5 minute lightning
talk or volunteer to lead a group on a topic of your choice:

More about the event: or below.


Innovation in Libraries 2012
A Free Post Conference event after LITA Forum
Invitation and Call for Proposals

Do you love exploring new ideas? Always secretly wished you knew more
about how to create an app? Wonder what the next wave of library
innovation might be?

If you answered yes, then Innovation in Libraries 2012 is for you. The
event will happen after LITA Forum concludes on Oct. 7, and will
continue through the morning of Oct. 8. Sponsored by OCLC and held at
the Columbus Metropolitan Library Main Library, Innovation in
Libraries 2012 is your chance to hear from experts and colleagues, and
contribute your ideas. Library innovation of all flavors will be on
tap; you are invited.

To register and learn more about Innovation in Libraries 2012, go to:

Proposals requested
Whether you plan to attend LITA Forum or not, you are encouraged to
share your innovations, ideas and instructive failures with fellow
attendees at Innovation in Libraries 2012. There are three (3)
potential ways to participate:

·    20 minute sessions These are your standard presentations where
you showcase the interesting work you’re doing at your
library/consortium, etc

·    5 minute lightning talks These are pecha kucha-style sessions
designed to have 20 slides each

·    1 hour breakout session leader Brush up your group facilitation
skills by volunteering to lead a breakout discussion on a specific
topic. Examples include:

1 Building apps for tech services
2 Building apps for discovery layers
3 Library integration with nonlibrary functions
4 Nonlibrary apps and “what’s out there”
5 Your interesting topic here….

Potential themes
The following topics might get your creative juices flowing:
App ideation and creation
Apps usage and outcomes, results
Using APIs and Web services
Platform usage
Building a staff culture of creativity
Building useful tools for your library
Widgets, gadgets, plug-ins
Strategies to help staff innovate
Strategies to help users innovate

Basically, share something interesting, include a technical angle and
explain how it helped your library/users/libraries worldwide in the

Submit your proposal at by 31 July

Registration for Innovation in Libraries 2012 is open now, at All accepted proposals will also need
to register separately for the event, which is free to all attendees.

Roy Tennant
OCLC Research