As an archivist, this is still a very broad response.

Are you looking to manage archival collections (accessioning, arrangement
and description, producing finding aids, etc.)? If so, Archivists Toolkit
or Archon may work for you. I'm not sure what you mean by
university historical information, perhaps ready-reference type guides?
There are a plethora of web options for this. Are you looking to manage
digital assets? Then a digital repository, such as Fedora or Dspace is in

Although it's a bit out of date at this point, you may want to look at Lisa
Spiro's 2009 report, "Archival Management Software" <>. Also, check out Carol Bean's
blog, BeanWorks. She has a post about comparing digital asset managers <> (and
also has useful related links).


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> We are looking to centralize the university historical information and
> archives.
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> I think you need to provide a little more context as to what you are
> trying to do.  The trouble is that the term archive is used in a variety
> of different ways right now so we need to know what you mean to be able
> to give you the best suggestions.
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> > Any suggestions for inexpensive & easy to use archival software?
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