The Harvard Library's Office for Scholarly Communication is looking for a
talented web technologist with a blend of library and programming skills and a
passion for democratizing access to knowledge.

As part of our team of librarians, scholars, and software engineers, you will
work on the cutting edge of the open access movement to make academic research
produced at Harvard and elsewhere available to anyone, throughout the world,
free of charge.

**Primary Responsibilities:**  
Create and maintain web/mobile sites using Drupal and other rapid development
platforms Generate novel javascript widgets and visualizations to support open
access initiatives Craft back-end scripts and processes for data ingest and
reporting Take ownership of new open access projects Work closely with
librarians, scholars, and technologists across institutional
boundaries Both librarians with
programming experience and software engineers with a library background are
welcome to apply.

We are less concerned about specific technologies than about finding a smart
team player who cares deeply about what we do. But to give you a taste of the
technologies we are currently using or experimenting with, see the lists of
"qualifications" below. It's OK if you are missing a few buzzwords - as long
as you can demonstrate the interest and ability to learn them (and others) as

Please Note: This is a one year term-limited position; continuation
anticipated but contingent upon funding and business needs.

**Basic Qualifications**

  * 3+ years web application development experience or other applicable work experience
  * Solid understanding of core web technologies and best practices (HTML, javascript, DOM, CSS, HTTP, XML, JSON, AJAX, REST)
  * Familiarity with library metadata standards and bibliographic information structure required
  * Knowledge of relational databases (mysql, oracle, sqlite )
  * Experience using rapid web development frameworks (e.g., php/symfony, ruby/rails, python/django)
  * Strong, practical understanding of javascript/jquery.
**Additional Qualifications**  

  * Background in academic library systems [referred
  * Working knowledge of UNIX/Linux, Apache, shell scripting (bash, python, perl)
  * Thorough command of written and spoken English
  * Demonstrated ability to take appropriate initiative
  * Experience with Dspace or other digital repository software preferred
  * Experience extending Drupal or other CMS preferred
Setting a fresh course for the future of the Harvard Library, the University
seeks to build a flagship research library that is positioned to excel in the
rapidly evolving 21st-century information environment. The recommendation
following an extensive 18-month library review was that Harvard restructure
the organization, governance, and funding structures of the University library
system to better serve the changing needs of the University. The Harvard
Library will drive excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and
scholarship by attracting and developing a community of talented professionals
who actively shape the development and cultivation of knowledge and pedagogy
at Harvard and within the broader scholarship community. The new Harvard
Library structure will:

  * Maximize strategic capacity in the library system as a whole
  * Harmonize management and library business processes
  * Facilitate enhancements in collections and services
  * Create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in library operations and management
  * Preserve appropriate local autonomy in collecting priorities and patron service levels
  * Enhance accountability of the libraries to the Deans and the University
For additional information visit the Harvard Library Transition web site at

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