The primary responsibilities include oversight, management and implementation
of the library's technology efforts, coordination with the City of New
Braunfels Information Technology (IT) Department, and advising the library
director and staff on issues related to technology in a public library

The position also includes offering direction on web site development and
developing a wide range of library services related to newer technologies
including e-books and e-book lending platforms, selecting materials, and
maintaining designated collections. Additional responsibilities include
readers' advisory, developing programs for adults both inside and outside the
library, and technology instruction.

Responsibilities include first contact for technology issues as well as
operation, configuration, and maintenance of Library Department-specific
software and equipment.

  * Manage day-to-day operations of the library's automation system.
  * Oversee the maintenance of the library's website including access to electronic resources.
  * Plan, develop and maintain the library's data communication system in conjunction with City of New Braunfels IT staff.
  * Identify training needs, develop training plans and coordinate training programs for library staff with the director and other managers in areas of automation and electronic access.
  * Maintain working relationships with vendors and library partners.
  * Create a system-wide technology plan and update it annually in conjunction with City of New Braunfels IT staff.
  * Prepare and conduct computer classes for the public.
  * Keep informed about the latest technology trends that impact public libraries and patrons and find creative ways to use technology to expand library services to the community
  * Coordinate and participate in the monitoring and evaluation of developing technologies with the intent of integrating those which enhance current services and/or provide new capabilities to member libraries, system staff and patrons.
  * Creates documentation and procedures in relation to work.
  * Gather statistics from the system on use and status of databases for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. Compile and present statistics in formats easy for the library staff to interpret.
  * Make recommendations to the Director on budget, supplies, and equipment and maintenance needs of unit; make recommendations on system wide planning and service design.
  * Develop standards and best practice for the creation, development and implementation of digital content including but not limited to digitization of archival materials.
  * Plan, coordinate, and evaluate services and other available resources, activities and programs to meet the library's mission and goals.
  * Communicate, interpret and monitor compliance with library policies and all other applicable operating and administrative procedures and practices. Where appropriate, standardize processes and procedures to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  * Assist departmental staff in creating a positive work environment where teamwork is recognized as a critical component in the development of an effective and motivated workforce.
  * Performs related duties and fulfills responsibilities as required.
  * Manage materials budget; review, delegate and implement materials budget within the branch or unit.

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