This professional information technology position is responsible for
supporting and maintaining the Missouri Evergreen Integrated Library
System. Responsibilities including
extracting and migrating data to the Missouri Evergreen system, maintaining a
Xen based VM platform for the Evergreen software, developing new application
features, and defining, designing and writing code for custom applications.

A high degree of interaction with people is involved; therefore sound customer
service principles must be applied while fulfilling the technical function.

Work includes a wide range of responsibility in providing high-level support.


Data migration

  * Export data from legacy library systems
  * Analyze source data to ensure quality and completeness
  * Manipulation and cleanup of source data to prepare for import
  * Creation and documentation of scripts to facilitate import of legacy data
Systems Administration

  * Maintain and improve the Xen based VM environment for the Missouri Evergreen platform
  * Maintain a number of Linux virtual servers that make up the Missouri Evergreen platform
  * Maintain a number of Linux/Postgres database servers
  * Build and maintain development, migration, and testing environments
  * Monitor and respond to problems identified by the remote monitoring system
  * Perform regular system upgrades and fixes
Applications/Software Development

  * File and/or fix bug reports with the Evergreen community
  * Contribute to community development of the Evergreen software
  * Develop new application features and improvements at the request of Missouri Evergreen libraries.

  * Research, test, and validate operating system security updates, patches and fixes.
  * Respond to computer security and virus incidents to ensure system integrity. Isolate and repair or rebuild compromised machines in a coordinated manner.
  * Initiate tactical security scans to identify specific vulnerabilities or unpatched machines. Isolate compromised machines to ensure network integrity and filter ports as necessary.
Applications/Software Support

  * Provide advanced-level support on approved software and applications.
  * Define, design, and write code for custom applications, utilities, and/or small systems.
  * Modify or customize vendor-supplied software to meet needs.
  * Perform systems administration duties, such as adding and deleting users, user directories, passwords and applications, and setting up network addresses, user accounts, and security access rights.
  * Perform back-up or recovery procedures when needed.
  * Integrate different computing systems for users if possible and when necessary. Address compatibility issues to achieve the maximum efficiency and functionality under conditions.

  * Develop and maintain own knowledge of supported products. Attend training and obtain required software and hardware certifications.
Administrative Duties

  * Create, plan, test, implement, and document projects to better serve users' needs.
  * Consult with users regarding commercially available software, site-licensed software, or applications.
  * May provide assistance in mapping out specifications regarding software, hardware, and network options.
  * Maintain hardware information for inventory and service purposes.
  * Document and order warranty parts for various computing systems. Includes completing paperwork, placing phone calls, packing and shipping defective components.

  * At least 3 years experience (or equivalent education or formal training) administering and securing enterprise level unix systems.
  * Extensive knowledge of shell prompts, scripting
  * Extensive knowledge of Apache configuration.
  * Extensive knowledge of one of more firewall applications (e.g. ip tables).
  * Extensive knowledge of SQL databases (e.g. postgresql)
  * Practical knowledge and aptitude in software development with perl.
  * Practical knowledge writing in one or more programming languages.
  * Effective communication and interpersonal skills- sufficient to effectively elicit IT information from users, train users in technical procedures/design, and document IT related procedures.
  * Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationship with those contacted in the course of a work assignment and to participate as a member of a cross departmental project team.
  * Time management skills and organizational ability for project management.
  * Ability to work under pressure; meet inflexible deadlines; deal with difficult individuals while maintaining composure.
  * Strong verbal and written communication skills sufficient to interact with a variety of users and other technical staff.
  * Strong customer service skills.

  * Experience with Evergreen
  * Familiarity with library workflows
  * Familiarity with MARC records

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