We've picked up some more items on the wiki:

What Would We "Ask" of the Tech Community?

    *Make it easy for LAMs to preserve the content produced by your users - enable preservation through your API.
    *Don't push off all the costs of preservation to libraries, archives and museums 

What Do We Have to "Offer" the Tech Community?

    *resources to educate the Tech Community about digital preservation and long term data viability
    *guidelines for entering into digital preservation partnerships with libraries and archives
    *collaborative opportunities to look at how to include digital preservation partnerships into terms & conditions
    *forums for discussion, scholarship, and industry best practices for digital preservation
    *The prestige of collaborating with memory institutions.

I encourage everybody to head over and add some things, or send them out here on the listser.



Anil Dash mentioned at last week's digital preservation 2012 meeting (wrap-up blog post now at that the "Tech Community" has little understanding of what the digital preservation community is trying to accomplish.

Building on that, the NDSA Outreach group is looking to put together a list of "Asks" and "Offers" for the Tech community. 

That is, when we have an opportunity to engage with the Tech community, what 5 things would we ask of them?

And at the same time, what 5 things does our community have to offer to the Tech Community?

I've created a page on the wiki ( to start capturing ideas (any welcome!) but you can also hold the conversation here on the listserv.



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