Hi 4libers,

Does anyone know of something - a kiosk, an iPad app, a web application 
- that:

- Initiates an oral history interview by getting demographic info and 
permission to use and stream for scholarly purposes.
- Goes through a standard set of questions (in our case stuff about the 
Appalachian State experience)
- Stores the metadata, permissions release, and pointers to the audio 
files created for each question in a dbase record
- Processes the audio through speech recognition either in real time or 
post-interview, and populates the dbase record with rendered text (at 
whatever level of accuracy)
- Provide a search interface, where the meatadata, demographic info 
(within reasonable privacy limits), and the transcript (however garbled) 
is searchable.
- Crowd source the improvement of the transcriptions over time
- Package the interface as an app, and set up a machine image on Amazon 
EC2, such that when someone uses the image and points a browser to it, 
it goes through a set up routine so that smaller schools and historical 
societies can set up their own sites in the cloud.  I haven't tried 
streaming on a free tier EC2 server, but you get 30 GB of storage, so 
you could get a fair number of hours of audio (depending on the 
settings) before you have to start paying.


Anyone interested in trying it with me if there's nothing already out 
there?  I'm leaning toward iPad, so we'd need iOS, server admin, dbase, 
and media expertise.  I have newbie-but-getting-better skill in the last 
3.  Zero skill in iOS.


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