If they are off campus then a banner appears in Summon that advises them to use VPN to get the appropriate IP address.

We haven't been tracking how many actually do switch to the VPN - an interesting question. 

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Right, thanks, but you're missing my point/question.

A significant portion of all of our libraries use these days is by patrons that are off-campus and will not be IP-authenticated (Unless you have all patrons use a VPN or something before using library services?)

Those off-campus patrons at Dartmouth, do they just always get the limited results available to non-auth end-users, or do you encourage them to login (and if so, any idea how many do?)

On 10/24/2012 1:54 PM, Mark Mounts wrote:
> We have Summon at Dartmouth College. Authentication is IP based so 
> with a Dartmouth IP address the user will see all our licensed 
> content.
> There is also the option to see all the content Summon has beyond what 
> we license by selecting the option "Add results beyond your library's 
> collection"
> Mark
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> Looking at the major 'discovery' products, Summon, Primo, EDS....
> ...all three will provide some results to un-authenticated users (the 
> general public), but have some portions of the corpus that are 
> restricted and won't show up in your results unless you have an 
> authenticated user affiliated with customer's organization.
> So when we look around on the web for Summon and Primo examples, we 
> can for instance do some sample searches there even without logging in 
> or being affiliated with the particular institution.
> But we are only seeing a subset of results there, not actually seeing 
> everything, since we didn't auth.
> But most of these examples I look at don't, in their UI, make this 
> particularly clear.
> This leads to me wonder if, in actual use, even for customers who 
> _could_ login to see complete results -- anyone ever does.
> So very curious to get an answer from any existing customers as to 
> this issue. Do the end-users realize they will get more complete
> results if they log in?   Do you have any numbers (or other info,
> even if not cold stats) on how many end-users choose to log in to see 
> more complete results?
> If nobody ever authenticates to see more complete results.... then the 
> subset available to un-authenticated users essentially _is_ the 
> product, the extra stuff that nobody ever sees is kinda irrelevant, 
> no?
> Anyone who is a current customer of Summon/Primo/EDS want to say 
> anything on this topic? Would be helpful.