To our dear dear lurking friends,

We would also like you to take the survey.  I put the "Do you consider
yourself a part of the Code4Lib community." question in the survey because
I  wanted to make sure that people that were part of Code4Lib were
separated from the random people that might take the survey -- like oh say
my mom (I'm not kidding, she would take the survey if she saw it).

But then I was reminded that I once thought I wasn't part of the community.
 I read the listserv all the time and then I decided to start a blog.  And
then I went to a conference where I gave a lightning talk.  And now Michael
Klein is yelling at me to come back to the conference and IRC chat room.

So now my hope for that question is that folks like you -- who think they
are just a lurker -- will take the survey and respond no to the first
question.  Then maybe we can figure out a way to turn some of those nos to

A former lurker

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 1:40 PM, Rosalyn Metz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Ok Folks,
> I'm starting off small.  Let's do a quick survey of the community and see
> what the gender breakdown is.
> Survey Link:
> It should take 1 minute to fill out.  It closes at the end of the day
> Friday (midnight).  I'll share the results here on Monday when we're all
> back to work and can have a lively discussion about what they mean.  Expect
> a chart (I like charts in addition to surveys).
> Rosalyn
> P.S. can someone share on the twitters?