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>  A few questions:  (a) Is the survey going to be only for women to take or
> all? I am assuming it is for all? (b) May I also suggest adding a few more
> questions to garner insight about real problems?
> 3) What do you think hinders the active participation by women in C4L? Or
> what did make 'you' less inclined to participate in C4L in the past (if you
> are a woman)?
> 4) What would you like to see as a result of more participation by women
> in C4L?


The answers to the "Why?" questions strike me as what's really interesting
since they tell us what needs to be done to attract talent from a bigger
pool of people.

I personally feel that what draws people in general and what keeps them
away are generic questions worth understanding the answers to. Gender is
only one dimension of inclusiveness, and systems as well as libraries at
large have exceptionally poor records in terms of demographic
balance. Having said that, I don't know if trying to achieve specific
numbers is a good idea even if it's obvious that a lot of work needs to be
done. There are enough factors at play that it's hard to know what the
ideal balance should be.

What is important is that people feel welcome regardless of who they are
and that factors that systematically discourage or encourage certain groups
need to be identified and then mitigated or eliminated. I'm glad Bess got
the ball rolling. It can only lead to a better and stronger community.