On 29 November 2012, Cary Gordon wrote:

> Obviously, we need to offer trainings on how to get funding to attend
> conferences. The should be collocated with the conferences.

This is a good idea; this should be a BOF or something---how to hack your 
system to get funding---maybe report back with a lightning talk?  Some 
folks have good funding support, which is great.  Some don't, but given 
the different problems or constraints, what's worked or could work to get 
people to a Code4Lib conference (major or chapter)?

I know some people pay their own way and some use vacation time to go ... 
be good to hear that approach too.  If someone's looking to change what 
they're doing in the library/technology world, getting to Code4Lib however 
they can is something to seriously consider.

William Denton
Toronto, Canada