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> If this were "training" in the sense of a seminar or a formal class on the
> exact same topics, I would be eligible for full funding, but since it's a
> "conference," it's funded at a significantly lower level. I'll gladly take
> suggestions anyone has for arguments about why attendance at these types of
> events is critical to successfully doing my work in a way that, say,
> attending ALA isn't -- and why, therefore, they should be supported at a
> higher funding rate than typical "library" conferences. Any non-coders
> successfully made this argument before?

Travel funding is highly environment specific and it's easy to find loony
policies. Depending on admin rules, you can sometimes negotiate this stuff
when you're being hired, not getting raises, etc. Another way is to write
grants, but those have their own headaches associated with them.

Unfortunately, many people do these things with little or no funding.