I have a couple ideas for preconf sessions, but I am wondering whether
anyone would be interested in them before further committing by posting one
to the wiki. Would you be interested in attending or suggesting someone
attend either of these?

1. An introduction to coding through Ruby and Rails. I'm looking at
something like the RailsBridge Curriculum [1] as a quick, gentle
introduction to getting started coding web applications. It seems that with
the bigger venue that more folks may be attending that do not do coding in
their regular job but may like to get started. Is there something like a
basic training that the Code4Lib conference and community can do to bridge
that gap and get more folks in libraries coding and having a better
understanding what is involved in the work? Anyone else who would be
interested in helping to lead this or help field questions and help folks
work through problems?

2. An HTML5 Video workshop. I've pitched a talk on HTML5 Video that I'd
really like to give, but wonder if there would be enough interest to do a
1/2 day workshop on the topic? It would allow time to do some hands-on work
with the whole process of making video available this way. Anyone else with
experience with video who would like to help put this together?

Interest in either of these? Would you commit to attend one? Willing to
help plan one?