Hi all,

I am working on a possible presentation about digital preservation
software and I want to mention some of the more-or-less complete
digital preservation systems that are available or nearly available
that Libraries, Archives, and Museums are or are considering using.
Buy more-or-less complete, I mean systems that are built for digital
preservation built-in as opposed to digital asset management or
digital library systems that focus more on access than on
preservation. At this point, I am also not that interested with
systems that are focused solely on bit-stream preservation and less on
other preservation issues (these type of systems have their place but
it is not what I want to focus on at this time). I am also not
interested in home-grown systems that are not currently packaged as a
complete open source (or commercial) package.

Off the top of my head, some of the systems that come to mind that
were built for preservation include:

Archivematica (open source, managed by Artefactual Systems)
DAITASS (open source, Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA))
Digital Preservation Software Platform (DPSP) (open source, National
Archives of Australia).
Rosetta (proprietary, Ex Libris)
Tesslla (proprietary)

Others that might qualify at some level that I plan on looking at:
E-prints (with preservation add-ons)
Fedora Commons / Islandora

I am sure there are others. However finding information about which
projects are actively being developed, the degree in which they
actually do preservation (e.g. not just bit-stream preservation) and
how much they are used is difficult and I am sure this community will
find some that Google searching will not.