There's also the Guide for the Perplexed on the code4lib wiki:

This is something I'd recommend for library tech newbies, and also where I
might recommend the collected recommendations in this thread wind up.


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> I'm taking "tool" to mean a piece of hardware. I'd recommend some old
> laptop with your favorite linux distro less desktop.
> Why? Well the main thing is that it puts them into a position where
> they're not learning to be a google copy/paste coder given the lack of the
> desktop, mouse and distractions like email. They can also learn to setup
> the server environment on their new dev box and eventually do all sorts of
> cool stuff.
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] one tool and/or resource that you recommend to newbie
> coders in a library?
> Hi all code4lib-bers,
> As coders and coding librarians, what is ONE tool and/or resource that you
> recommend to newbie coders in a library (and why)?  I promise I will create
> and circulate the list and make it into a Code4Lib wiki page for collective
> wisdom.  =)
> Thanks in advance!
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