On Nov 26, 2012, at 7:47 PM, Michael J. Giarlo wrote:

> Hi Kyle,
> IMO, this is less an instrument to keep people playing nice and more an
> instrument to point to in the event that we have to take action against an
> offender.

That was the reasoning for the DCBPW code of conduct ... covering ourselves
if we had to eject someone.

And it's not just a diversity thing -- 

One of the concerns for the DCBPW one was that there had been a guy at
some previous Perl workshop who seemed to think that the presentations
were personal conversations between him and the speaker, and kept

The sad reality is, there seem to be an abnormally high number of
people in the technology fields who have gotten as far as they have
with little to no understanding of social etiquette.

(I've been told that I can cite myself as an example ... if you
don't believe me, do a `whois`)