I think we'd all agree, in the spirit of git :), that anyone is free and 
encouraged to "fork" the project if the current system is not serving 
their needs.  So, Christina, if you and others have the will and 
interest to start a Code4LibWomen group/list, I say go for it!

I think the question we have to ask ourselves about something like a 
Code4Lib4Women group is whether it would divert needed discussion in the 
greater Code4lib community, which seems largely sympathetic and 
interested in rectifying the issues of sexism in our little corner of 
the universe. My fear is that such a fork might not be constructive if 
it  leads to a loss or further dilution of womens' perspective and 
contribution in the wider Code4Lib conversation, when that is exactly 
what we've identified as a problem.


On 11/28/12 4:01 PM, Salazar, Christina wrote:
> Well, I guess any "non-majority" person, but I was thinking specifically of women ONLY because I'm a woman and I'd be willing to do something as far as coordinating. And possibly two or more non-location based chapters (i.e., one for gender, one for PoC).
> And I wasn't really thinking of a separate conference (though that would be cool, but no one can afford more than one conference these days, can they?) but an additional meeting at the main con AND a separate e-mail list.
> But I'm just throwing that out as venues that would be attractive/encouraging to me and things I know that I could do right now.
> Christina
> (Wow, I thought people would hate this concept, but me, I like it...)
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> Sounds possibly interesting. Other than a word, what would that be exactly, and what would be the goals of it?  Do you mean a different conference, or listserv, or what?
> On 11/28/2012 3:34 PM, Salazar, Christina wrote:
>> And/or Code4Lib4[I hate that word minority, but cannot think of
>> another for here, but maybe you get what I mean]
>> Not trying to splinter, but that might be one way to encourage diversity but again, without implication that ANYONE would be excluded.
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