Then why make the distinction at all? I always thought Code4lib was
about communication between people who make code and those who use it,
recognizing that these are by no means disjoint groups.

I was recently a developer in a place that systematically discouraged
communication between developers and users. It made for bad development
practices. The value of Code4lib is that it's for creators _and_ users
of code.

This notion of a coders-only club seems to have popped out of nowhere.
Let's bury it rather than arguing over who counts as a coder.

On 11/29/12 8:46 AM, Michael Schofield wrote:
> I anticipate coding--particularly for the web--to be part and parcel of
> librarianship as a whole - and if that's not already the case, then in a few
> short years. I already expect many of my coworkers to be HTML/CSS literate
> just as everyone has been expected to be familiar with an Office Suite. So,
> I'm not sure distinguishing who is and isn't a coder in the field is (or
> will) be all that straightforward. 

Gary McGath, Professional Software Developer