I think both ideas are excellent.

As for the Ruby on Rails intro, the RailsBridge Curriculum mentions an 
"install-fest" happening the night before.  In the interest of time, I 
would recommend distributing a VM with all the required software 
pre-loaded.  While part of programming involves setting up one's 
environment, it will be more inspiring to get right to the "fun".


On 11/8/12 10:12 AM, Jason Ronallo wrote:
> I have a couple ideas for preconf sessions, but I am wondering whether
> anyone would be interested in them before further committing by posting one
> to the wiki. Would you be interested in attending or suggesting someone
> attend either of these?
> 1. An introduction to coding through Ruby and Rails. I'm looking at
> something like the RailsBridge Curriculum [1] as a quick, gentle
> introduction to getting started coding web applications. It seems that with
> the bigger venue that more folks may be attending that do not do coding in
> their regular job but may like to get started. Is there something like a
> basic training that the Code4Lib conference and community can do to bridge
> that gap and get more folks in libraries coding and having a better
> understanding what is involved in the work? Anyone else who would be
> interested in helping to lead this or help field questions and help folks
> work through problems?
> 2. An HTML5 Video workshop. I've pitched a talk on HTML5 Video that I'd
> really like to give, but wonder if there would be enough interest to do a
> 1/2 day workshop on the topic? It would allow time to do some hands-on work
> with the whole process of making video available this way. Anyone else with
> experience with video who would like to help put this together?
> Interest in either of these? Would you commit to attend one? Willing to
> help plan one?
> Jason
> [1]

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