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**Data Analyst**

**The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)** is an independent global health research center at the University of Washington that provides rigorous and comparable measurement of the world's most important health problems and evaluates the strategies used to address them. IHME makes this information freely available so that policymakers have the evidence they need to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources to best improve population health. We conduct our research free from the influence of the governments and organizations implementing the programs being studied.

IHME has an outstanding opportunity for a Data Analyst. The Data Analyst will
perform systematic reviews and searches for health data and are responsible
for related database management, preparation, and presentation of data. The
Data Analyst will handle and must learn to understand data from multiple
sources, including surveys, administrative data, and vital registration
records. The Data Analyst will be proficient in understanding the complexities
of different global health topical areas in which the pertinent projects are
concerned. In each case, projects are data driven, involve quantitative
analysis by senior researchers, and are incorporated into the ongoing work of
thematically-focused research teams. The Data Analyst will report to a Project
Officer as part of the Strategy Team. This position will work in a team
environment while demonstrating strong judgment and priority-setting to help
support a range of research projects.

**Responsibilities Include:**

  * Carry out a wide range of research-related activities including: data cleaning and formatting, data seeking through web and literature searches, database management, and performing consistency checks on data.
  * Learn and apply computer coding skills as needed to clean, merge, aggregate, and format datasets and to adapt databases with needed additions.
  * Maintain, update, and adapt databases containing health data from multiple sources such as surveys, vital registration systems, administrative records, and other sources.
  * Using standardized protocols, identify problems with data sets, rectify issues and systematize data for future analysis.
  * Execute queries on databases to respond to the needs of senior researchers.
  * Identify problems in databases and in data storage or results generated from databases. Work with other team members to resolve problems.
  * Create tables, charts, and other representations of data as needed for presentations and in order to assess characteristics of existing data and the results of analyses.
  * Follow protocols for and devise new ways to store data in ways that are accessible to web-based visualization programs as created and used by IHME staff.
  * Carry out data entry, including transferring figures and information from written sources into electronic. Apply data conversation and extraction tools as needed.
  * Create and document efficient, effective and replicable methods to extracting data, writing and applying code as relevant, and organizing data sources.
  * Archive, catalogue, and annotate datasets according to Institute standards to build a common library of materials for use by a wide set of researchers.
  * Prepare summaries of data searches.
  * Perform literature reviews for projects and interpret minimal search criteria to find most relevant information. Document search criteria and findings based upon preset protocols. Extract information as needed from key articles.
  * Populate and maintain citation databases.
  * Systematically format documents, presentations, and data for multiple audiences.
  * Assist in creating maps and other graphical displays of data as needed, utilizing GIS and other means as needed.
  * Communicate clearly and effectively while contributing as a productive members of both research teams and the Strategy Team. Work closely with other team members to help them with relevant tasks, to show them how to learn new skills, and to help resolve emerging problems on different projects. Attend relevant meetings, adhere to deadlines, and participate as a vital member to collectively advance team-level objectives.
  * Participate in overall community of the Institute, carrying out duties as required as team members with other Institute members.

Bachelor's Degree in an appropriate field or equivalent combination of
education and experience. Up to one year's experience in a related area; some
or all may be in relevant educational programs.

  * Must have demonstrated facility with analytic tasks and ability to participate productively in interdisciplinary research teams.
  * Strong quantitative aptitude and strong desire to learn new skills.
  * Strong sense of focus and attention to detail.
  * Computer coding skills in STATA or other language and familiarity with databases and spreadsheets highly desirable but not required.
  * Interest in global health research.
  * Demonstrated organizational skills, self-motivation, flexibility, good communication skills and the ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced, energetic, highly creative, entrepreneurial environment.

**Further Information:**

See IHME's website: [](http://www.healthmetr

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