>It should be low barrier and low risk for individuals to tell
>"us"/"someone" when they feel uncomfortable.   Hopefully with enough
>detail to allow for remediation/change.

Riffing from Naomi, and others, about the worry that people might be both
upset and not know how to proceed:

We have enough clearly lovely people in the community that I wonder if we
couldn't find a couple or more that could be identified as
"ombudspersonesque" types on a per-conference basis.  A person or persons,
identified several times during the conference ,and with other directory
information (email) one could go to with the guarantee of anonymity who
could at a minimum listen and if desired try to constructively deal with
the situation.  

I'll say that at my first conference I was somewhat startled by the back
channel chatter.  It took me a while to understand, parse, and not worry
so much about it...and then to take some gems from it.