I also think that DevOps topics (e.g., puppet, chef, virtual machines) have always been of interest to this community, and that the line between "sysadmin" and "systems librarian" and "software engineer" and "ARCHITECT" can be a little arbitrary. Many of us work in jobs only loosely tied to our official job description, let alone the thing we studied. I recognize my fellow code4libber in every person who is trying to hold the information systems of a library together in some way. ESPECIALLY the ones who don't get recognized because "that should only be x% of your job"[1]. 

I don't think we can really afford to be snobs about anything around here. If you are interested in "the depth and longevity of the problems that need to be addressed[2]" by library software, and have concluded that our community's approach to that problem solving effort appeals to you and you would like to contribute to it in some way, you are welcome here. 

Many code4libbers do not write code (yet). They deploy it, or they maintain it, or they customize it, or they tweak it. It's okay, that counts too. 


[1] Although I sure did talk on #code4lib irc more when I had a Friday afternoon reference shift!  
[2] How to Hack code4lib:

On Nov 28, 2012, at 7:46 PM, Jonathan Rochkind <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> A coder is someone who writes code, naturally. :)  "code" is something intended to be interpreted or executed by a computer or a computer program. 
> I think everyone agrees that anyone is welcome at code4lib. 
> However, many want to keep code4lib conference presentations and community focused on technical matters and matters of interest to coders. 
> These things are not neccesarily contradictorily.  
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] What is a "coder"?
> Some discussion (both on-list and otherwise) has referred to "coders,"
> and some discussion as such has raised the question whether
> "non-coders" are welcome at code4lib.
> What's a coder? I'm not trying to be difficult - I want to make
> code4lib as inclusive as possible.
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