Dude, I'm positive I'm a coder because I spend a whole lot of time coding, and I think I do it pretty decently -- and "search in Google" is a key part of my workflow!   So is debugging.   Hopefully copy-and-paste-coding-without-knowing-what-i'm-doing is not, however, true. 

But no need to be elitist about it. 
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Thought process of a coder:
1- I need to open a file in my program
2- ok, I'll import IO into my application and read the definition
3- i create methods and functions around the definition and open my file
Total time to deliver code: 5 mins

Thought process of a non-coder
1- I need to open a file in my program
2- I open up a web browser and go to google
3- search "open file in java"
4- copy/paste the code I find
5- can't figure out why it doesn't work, go back to step 3 and try a different person's code
6- really stuck, contemplates changing the programming language
7- runs some searches on easier programming languages
8- goes back to Google and tries new search terms and gets different results
9- finally get it working
10- remove all comments from the copy/paste code so it looks like I wrote it.
Total time to deliver code: 5 hours

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Some discussion (both on-list and otherwise) has referred to "coders,"
and some discussion as such has raised the question whether
"non-coders" are welcome at code4lib.

What's a coder? I'm not trying to be difficult - I want to make
code4lib as inclusive as possible.

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