> A final note is that Reddit's source code is up on github.  I'm not a
> python expert, but it could probably be set up in isolation from reddit
> if that's seen as a problem.  It could use whatever authentication the
> C4L wiki uses.  I has a restful API as well, so we could integrate it
> into the listserv as Ed Summers did with the jobs site.

I believe you're talking about a fairly major development/maintenance project there.  
Installing and running the reddit software for myself is not something I think anyone
should plan on doing as a minimal part of their 'spare time', let along modifying it and
running a forked version.  

Nothing wrong with major development/maintenance projects done by volunteers
if someone's interested.  And nothing wrong with experimenting with it to see if you
can prove me wrong and it really is a trivial task. 

But I'd be cautious of assuming that code4lib has a bottomless reserve of volunteer
labor to do non-trivial tasks, we have trouble continuing to maintain the tech
infrastructure we've already got.  If it were me, I'd be considering cost/benefit, and
not assuming something will be used just because if you build it they will come. 

And if someone IS looking to do some self-directed development and maintenance
work for the code4lib community, they should of course do it where they feel most
called to do it -- but if you have an interest in helping out the Code4Lib Journal, we
could use it, we're having trouble maintaining and developing our tech infrastructure
there at the level we'd like, with currently available interested volunteer labor.