Let's say I've defined these indexes in on the SRU server:
index.marc.020 = 1=7 # ISBN
index.marc.035:1 = 1=1211 # OCLC/utility number where first indicator is non-blank
index.marc.100:1 = 1=1 # author where first indicator is non-blank

I can use the ISBN index to search for records, e.g.:"9780801449437"&startRecord=1&maximumRecords=15

I can also use the author index to search for records, e.g.:"Armenteros"&startRecord=1&maximumRecords=15

So why can't I search for records by utility number (035) with a non-blank first indicator?"ebr10488669"&startRecord=1&maximumRecords=15

If you're playing along, you'll notice that these all point to the same record. However, when I try to search for it with &query=marc.035:1="<util_num>", I get no results. I thought maybe this was because there's already another 035 field (with blank indicators) that's an OCLC number so I temporarily removed it... but that didn't solve the issue.

Anyone have any experience with this? I need to be able to search by 0359# and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate some assistance!

Thank you,

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