I've been involved in running library/tech unconferences in the UK (the Mashed Library events For the second event (organised by Dave Pattern and others at the University of Huddersfield) we put together a very short list of things you could expect to get out the event ( - the idea being these were things that could go on requests to attend the event.

More recently we realised there was a lot of interest from staff on the cataloguing/metadata side of libraries to attend a more 'tech' oriented event but that institutions were often limiting the number of people who could attend, and it was these staff who often lost out as the event was judged to be more appropriate for others. Working with Tom Meehan at UCL and Celine Carty at the University of Cambridge (and others) we were able to put on an event that while still attracting tech staff was also squarely aimed at getting cataloguers/metadata people along - and this definitely worked in terms of the make up of attendees of that particular event.

All of which is a preamble to saying - it might be worth putting together either a theoretical list, or direct testimonials, from people who have attended the conference in the past, ideally from a variety of library roles, with what they can/did get out of the conference. This could provide much needed evidence when applying to attend/travel?


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> On 29 November 2012, Cary Gordon wrote:
>> Obviously, we need to offer trainings on how to get funding to attend
>> conferences. The should be collocated with the conferences.
> This is a good idea; this should be a BOF or something---how to hack your system to get funding---maybe report back with a lightning talk?  Some folks have good funding support, which is great.  Some don't, but given the different problems or constraints, what's worked or could work to get people to a Code4Lib conference (major or chapter)?
> I know some people pay their own way and some use vacation time to go ... be good to hear that approach too.  If someone's looking to change what they're doing in the library/technology world, getting to Code4Lib however they can is something to seriously consider.
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