Whatís up everyone,


We are homegrowing a study room reservation system and weíre within a week
of making it liveóbut still in betaóto the public. Right now, on our staging
box, our URI looks like /room-res
doesnít mean anything, to me. The public URI will be similarly long, like 


Any recommendations or experience with your own reservation links? IMHO, it
should be simple, since the link is already going to be on the long end.
Right now Iím vying for /reservations, but TBH this system is just for
public study rooms and not for our larger conference rooms Ė Iím not sure
our primary users [the students and faculty] will care, but weíll definitely
be reminded of that technicality by other librarians J. I donít like
/studyrooms, but itís the best Iíve got since Iím avoiding hyphens.


Just picking your brains. Thanks! 


Michael Schofield( | @gollydamn | Front-End Librarian ŗ