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Semantic Search: Magnet for the Needle in the Search Haystack
A Joint NKOS-CENDI Workshop
DOT Media Center, Oklahoma City Room
U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington DC
Thursday, December 6, 2012 – 8:30 am-4:30 pm  
What is Semantic Search? What user requirements does it seek to address? How is Semantic Search being implemented? How can Semantic Search technologies be evaluated? What results have we seen thus far, and what are the areas of research that may bring future improvements? These questions and related topics will be addressed by experts in semantic search and related technologies, users, implementers and academic researchers. Dean Allemang, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Scientist at Open Data Registry (previously of TopQuadrant) will place semantic search in the semantic web landscape. Dr. Denise Bedford, Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management at Kent State University, will discuss the various views of semantic search. Other speakers will address linked data applications in libraries, museums and archives; the impact of semantic search on visualization tools; and the development of tools to support semantic search in particular communities. Information managers and technologists from various user communities will discuss the needs of their end users that they are seeking to address with semantic search. Students working in this area will provide a look at the future through a series of lightning talks.
This workshop will be of interest to information managers, technologists, content providers, enterprise architects and researchers across sectors. 
Registration is now open. The registration and program are available from:   
Fee: Free but space is limited
Registration Closes November 26, 2012
The Program Committee:
--Gail Hodge (CENDI/IIa), Chair
--Denise Bedford (Kent State Univ.)
--Joseph Busch (Taxonomy Strategies)
--Michael Crandall (Univ. of Washington)
--Jane Greenberg (Univ. of North Carolina)
--Marjorie Hlava (Access Innovations)
--Michael Pendleton (US EPA)
--Amanda Wilson (National Transportation Library)
--Shewan Workneh (International Monetary Fund)
--Marcia Lei Zeng (Kent State Univ.)
NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems) ( is an ad hoc work group of more than 100 international experts and implementers of knowledge organization systems. NKOS is devoted to enabling knowledge organization systems/services (KOS), such as classification systems, thesauri, gazetteers, and ontologies, as networked, interactive information services to support the description and retrieval of diverse information resources through the Internet.
CENDI ( is an interagency working group of senior scientific and technical information managers from 13 U.S. federal agencies. CENDI’s mission is to improve the productivity of federal science, technology and related programs through effective information systems.

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