Wilhelmina Randtke asked:
> When you say someone referred to "a group just for women", did you mean
> when Bohyun Kim said "interests in a space for women"?
> Because if you did, then you should not have used quotes, since you were
> not quoting.  If that language you don't like came from somewhere else,
> then please be more specific, because I didn't see it at the start of this
> thread that I'm emailing on.

That language is in the second paragraph of the email dated Fri, 7 Dec
2012 16:13:47 +0000 from Bohyun Kim, but I apologise for having put
the a in the quote marks.  It should have been outside them, as I cut
part of "a small support and discussion group for just women".  I
guess I hit the editing keys badly on Friday.

It's very disappointing that no-one else seems willing to challenge
that behaviour and so many are actively supporting it.  I feel like
we're still in the dark ages.  Two wrongs do not make a right and two
discriminations - one unconscious and one conscious - does not make

Joshua Gomez suggested:
> [...] And I don't think that reverse discrimination is the true
> concern of most of those that have voiced opinions against a
> sub-community for women (at least I hope not).

I don't think that suggesting everyone who disagrees with one's view
is insincere or dishonest or something is a good idea.

Personally, my concern isn't that it is reverse discrimination - it's
that it is still discrimination.  I don't feel that past sins excuse
further ones.

> [...] And since I am not a member of the group that has been
> discriminated against I don't think I or anyone else not in that group
> should try to dissuade them from doing what is in their best interest.

I am not a member of *that* group that has been discriminated against,
but I am a member of one minority that is routinely discriminated
against in a pretty direct way - code4lib's wiki suggests we are not
human, as I mentioned in another mail on Friday:
- and I am not dissuading women from doing what is in their best
interest, but I believe setting up another discriminatory group is not
in anyone's best interests.  The best thing would be to do similar as
we do for accessibility and have mixed groups like
working together to dismantle the barriers.

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