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The Code4Lib Community is calling for proposals to host the 2014
Code4Lib Conference. Information on the kind of venue we seek and the
responsibilities involved can be found at the conference hosting web
page [1] and on the Code4Lib Wiki [2].

The deadline for proposals is Sunday January 27, 2013. The decision
will be made over the course of the following weeks by a popular vote.
Voting will begin on or around Friday February 1, 2013 and will
continue through the first three days of Code4Lib 2012 until 11:59PM
Eastern on Wednesday, February 13th. The results of the vote will be
announced on Thursday, February 14th, the final day of Code4Lib 2013.

You can apply by making your pitch to the Code4Lib Conference Planning
list [3]; attention to the criteria listed on the conference hosting
page is appreciated. May the best site win!

Feel free to take a look at past proposals for ideas.

Winning proposal from 2013:

2012 Winner:

2011 Proposals:

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