Normally I'm more of a text than a video kind of guy, but this is a good
rant that's given me some ideas. Definitely worth a visit for others who
are thinking of this stuff.

The hard part with measuring impact for low use materials is having a good
idea of where to look.


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> On 18/12/12 10:20, Kyle Banerjee wrote:
>> Howdy all,
>> Just wondering who might be willing to share what kind of stats they
>> produce to justify their continued existence? Of course we do the normal
>> (web activity, items and metadata records created, stuff scanned, etc),
>> but
>> I'm trying to wrap my mind around ways to describe work where there's not
>> a
>> built in assumption that more is better.
> I recently gave a seven minute rant at NDF about what statistics we aren't
> collecting. The video requires silverlight, alas:
>**Mediasite/Catalog/catalogs/**NDF/<>(second page, 'Lightning talks Session 2')
> Capsule summary: we claim to value user engagement. Making that claim and
> then failing to attempt to measure it is unprofessional.
> cheers
> stuart
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