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> I think maybe in librarianship in general, there is some trying to turn
> this around and use the same sexist advertising, but marginalize men
> instead.

I think this is a problem in society in general, not just
librarianship or technologists: aiming for some improbable perfect
balance of discrimination in all directions and misunderstanding that
as equality.  Such false friends are often uncovered when they suggest
that if anyone doesn't like their Gay/Black/whatever Scholarship or
Mentorship or whatever restorative scheme, those people should start
or make another scheme for Non-gays/Non-blacks/Non-whatevers.

So I'm disappointed but unsurprised to hear of male strippers at
events.  Like Karen Coyle, I'd love to know if anyone objected and
what happened next.

> On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 8:54 AM, James Stuart <[log in to unmask]>wrote:
> > This list is imperfect (I know several public incidents that aren't on here
> > (recent DEFCON years aren't listed, The Amazing Meeting/ElevatorGate and
> > various other skeptic convention incidents aren't on (possibly by
> > design))), but it's at least a start, and hopefully a picture that sexism
> > is an endemic, systematic problem right now in the geek convention world.
> >

Quite right it's imperfect!  It's correlated with time, money and
maybe an increasing number of smaller conferences with new,
inexperienced organisers...  I don't think the number of incidents
is particularly informative, either: we'd be unhappy with one, no?
So it may help to pick a random sample of the incidents and consider
whether the anti-harassment policy for code4lib would deal with it.

Moreover, I reject that we should place too much weight on that
"resource for and about women".  It has some interesting links, but a
site with a "Resources for men" ghetto is not promoting equality well.

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