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> Thank you to Ranti for setting up the wiki page!  Please post your name 
> to that page as others have started to do if you have any interest in 
> being involved with the mentorship program.  It doesn't matter what your 
> gender is [...]

but your audio-visual ability does matter because disabled users are
currently unwelcome in code4lib's wiki and are called inhuman.

In case you'd forgotten, there's a reCaptcha on the account creation
page.  If you access it with javascript disabled, it includes the
Google-provided message "We need to make sure you are a human. Please
solve the challenge below, and click the I'm a Human button..."  The
re should stand for replace, for that and the reasons Anonymous gives.

Ideally, could it be replaced with some other protection(s),
such as multi-step forms, email validation and/or human approvals?

At least, could an email address be added to the account creation page
and some nice instructions added to the wiki's "Help" link?

> Mentee works for me, but The MIT program I referenced in an earlier 
> email uses the word "partner" instead.  [...]

Just as an aside: I didn't use mentee because it makes me think "liar".
(FR/ES/PT/...: mentir = EN: to lie), but I expect that's just me.

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