So far some brave folks have indeed indicated that, but without 
specifying any particular incidents.

It seems to me it might be helpful if the actual incidents were related 
in some anonymous way (perhaps anonymous both to reporter and to 
'offenders' involved)... because if the rest of us knew what was going 
on, we could be more alert to seeing it and stopping it (including 
possibly observing such behavior in ourselves and stopping ourselves for 
doing it, now that we realize how hurtful it can be).

I realize some people have related incidents that happened at places 
other than code4lib, and perhaps that ought to be sufficient, but, 
clearly, many of us can think "Oh, but that probably doens't happen at 
Code4Lib," even if it does.

I also realize that this can quickly turn into a giant mess, which is 
why I'd suggest that any such stories be very vague and entirely 
anonymous as to all parties involved, to make this not a tribunal about 
particular incidents but just information sharing about "Here are some 
things that have happened at code4lib related to gendery stuff, that 
made some people uncomfortable, just so you know what we're talking about."

There doesn't need to be ANY discussion of the issues, and I think 
probably best if there isn't actually.

But honestly, I've been scratching my head since Bess first brought this 
up, and Bess mentioned that harrasment-y incidents have happened at 
code4lib, and I'm thinking "Really? I haven't heard of them or seen 
them. Am I just really unobservant? Or am I seeing things but not 
realizing they are offensive? Or what?"

I think it would be helpful to all of us wanting to stop such things 
from happening to know a _bit_ more specifically what sorts of things 
have happened.

Is this a good idea, or just a disaster trainwreck lying in wait? If 
it's a good idea, we could easily set up a wiki page where people can 
easily anonymously describe incidents (again, what I'm going for is NOT 
calling specific people out, but just giving us an idea of what it is 
that has happened that we're trying to stop from happening, you know?)

On 12/18/2012 6:41 PM, BWS Johnson wrote:
> Salvete!
>> because they can't find an SO are outliers. C4l is a tech event. Do
>> women really get treated that shabbily there?
> I'm guessing this is a yes, since several brave folks have indicated
> it. It doesn't mean that *you* are an offender, but it's clearly
> happening, or at least known to have happened in past.
> Cheers, Brooke