So rather than focusing on statistics and math, I'd like to steer the
conversation in a different direction.  Let's say Ross is right and more
women chose to take the survey based on the topic -- maybe that's a way to
get women involved in Code4Lib.

Karen had the idea of creating a women Code4Lib IRC channel, maybe that can
be a place to start.  Or maybe we have a few women that are willing to step
up and be a Code4Lib mentor to other women -- similar to what we do for the
new member event at the conference.  I'd even be willing to step up and
organize that if people like the idea.


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> On 06/12/12 09:05, Sara Amato wrote:
>> I'd been staying out of this discussion, but the thought occurs to me
>> that someone with access to the list of subscribers might run that against
>> a list of traditional boy/girl names, and be able to make some guesses….
> That idea runs into problems both with non-western names (there is more
> than one kind of diversity) and those people whose experience of gender in
> the workplace have led them to use non-gender-specific identifiers.
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