Hi all,

I might upset some people with this, but I wanted to bring up this question. First, let me say that I think it is a terrific idea to have a code4lib learning group with or without a mentoring program.

But from what I read from the listserv, it seemed to me that there were interests in a space for women, NOT as a separate group from code4lib BUT more as just a small support and discussion group for just women, INSIDE the c4l community not OUTSIDE of it. (Like an IG inside LITA or something like that...).

I just wanted to know if there are still women in code4lib who are interested in this idea because gender-specific issues won't be addressed by a code4lib learning group. (If this is the case, I am still interested in participating, and I already set up #code4libwomen IRC channel.) Or, do we think that the initial needs that led to the talk of code4libwomen will be sufficiently met by having  a learning group instead?  Personally, I don't see why we can have both code4libwomen and code4liblearn inside code4lib if there are enough people who think that these would make code4lib more useful to them and if this makes code4lib serve more diverse interests of their members.

So I am looking forward to hearing form other women in c4l on this! :)