Hi all,

I'm trying to gauge interest in Game Night during Code4Lib 2013.  Now,
I've signed up for the Wednesday Goose Island tour, but can back out
of that if Wednesday night works the best.

Right now there's a handful of folks on the wiki that has expressed
interest, but could you send me an email or sign up on by Monday
morning (the 14th) if you would like to go? Also, some indication of
games you might be able to bring or games you like to play would be
useful. I'm just trying to figure out how many folks are interested so
I have a rough idea of number of games and the space we need.

Also I'm leaning towards Monday or Tuesday night, but letting me know
a night preference as well might be useful. (If this is what people
would like for a Wednesday night non-beery alternative, I have other
chances to do a Goose Island tour ;) ).

Jon Gorman