Hello, all, and apologies for cross-posting . . .

Issue #19 of the Code4Lib Journal is now available:

And here's what you will find:

*Editorial Introduction: A Peer Network* by Andrew Darby

*Building a Library App Portfolio with Redis and Django* by Jeremy Nelson

*A Comparison of Article Search APIs via Blinded Experiment and
Developer*Review by Jonathan Rochkind

*Providing Information about Reading Lists via a Dashboard Interface* by Dr
Jason Cooper, Dr Jon Knight and Gary Brewerton

*Visualizing Library Statistics using Open Flash Chart 2 and Drupal* by
Laura K. Wiegand and Bob Humphrey

*Library Widget for Moodle* by Mariela Hristova

*Open Source Library Software Development in a Small Rural Library
System*by Kyle Hall, Cindy Murdock Ames, and John Brice

*Determining Usability of VuFind for Users in the United Arab* Emirates by
Nicole Johnston, Alicia Salaz, and Rob O'Connell

*Using XSLT and Google Scripts to Streamline Populating an Institutional
Repository* by Stephen X. Flynn, Catalina Oyler, Marsha Miles

*Indexing Linked Bibliographic Data with JSON-LD, BibJSON and
Elasticsearch*by Thomas Johnson

*Metadata Analysis at the Command-Line* by Mark Phillips

*The Format Registry Problem* by Gary McGath

*SPRUCE Mashup London* by Edward M. Corrado

Andrew Darby
Head, Web & Emerging Technologies
University of Miami Libraries