On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 10:01 AM, Mark A. Matienzo
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> More to the point, no other decision about code4lib in terms of
> "action" or "policy" has been made ever. This is new territory for us.

It's not really that new. We've voted on tshirts, logos, and whether
or not to have post here--perhaps other things that
I'm forgetting. I'm not saying we need to vote on the anti-harassment
policy to make it real--it's already real. Not everyone may respect
it, but hopefully we'll all continue being nice people and won't have
to worry about enforcing it. It's hard to imagine anyone being against
it. Personally, I find it regrettable that it's even necessary, but it
is what it is.

Voting can be a nice way of testing the waters for something. I found
the survey on the email posting very helpful. But
voting on everything would get very tedious, and boring very quickly I
imagine. code4lib has always seemed much more freeform than that to
me. I really liked Bethany's description of lazy consensus [1] at the
last conference.