I want to give a thumbs up to Roy Tennant who evoked this recently (I 
was contacted by the organizer off-line since Roy's "line in the sand" 
left him a bit perplexed), and the upshot is that the panel will have at 
least one woman, maybe two.

Roy, you deserve mega-credit for your role in this, even if it did take 
place behind the scenes.

More than that I cannot say without asking various permissions.


On 1/4/13 2:35 PM, Doran, Michael D wrote:
> Although code4lib doesn't typically do panels, I thought this might be of interest:
> "A Simple Suggestion to Help Phase Out All-Male Panels at Tech Conferences"
> -- Michael
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>> I'm more concerned about the latter ratio than the former (although we
>> could probably question the demographics of the electorate, I think the
>> process is about as open and fair and democratic as we can really hope
>> for).  The low percentage of female proposers is really the reason why
>> there are so few female presenters.  Add to it that 75% of them are
>> recidivist presenters (which is, honestly, a problem that spans all
>> Code4lib demographics), this doesn't do much to embiggen the tent.
>> I would be interested to see the gender breakdown in the CfP for
>> comparable conferences (LITA National, Access) and if Code4lib's numbers
>> are noticeably lower, meeting with those groups to determine why.
>> -Ross.
>> On Nov 27, 2012, at 9:11 AM, Chad Nelson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Ooops. Hit the wrong key.
>>> So, about our presenters...
>>> Is it a problem that only 4 of our 33 presenters are women? Or that
>> only 16
>>> of 95 proposers were women?
>>> Is there something this community needs to do to encourage more women
>> to
>>> feel like they can and should speak / propose sessions?

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