The Organization

A leading American historian has called the Public Library of the City of
Boston "one of the five

great libraries of the world."

Well over 3.5 million people visit the Boston Public Library every year to use
its collection of 8.9 million books. Another 7 million people connect with the
BPL through its website to take advantage of its many services and
its growing collection of electronic resources, downloadable media and
digitalized rare books and manuscripts.

Among its preeminent collections, the BPL holds several first edition folios
by William

Shakespeare; original music scores by Mozart, Prokofiev and others; and the
personal library of

President John Adams. In addition, the BPL is home to the renowned Norman B.
Leventhal Map

Center, which includes over 200,000 historic maps and 5,000 atlases
documenting the evolution

of the printed map.

Over 12,000 programs and classes attract thousands of residents from across
the diverse

neighborhoods and cultural groups that make up the city. Award winning online
and in-library

homework assistance sessions, ESL and literacy classes, are also a popular

The BPL is a department of the municipal government of Boston and a statutory

organization governed by a board of nine distinguished trustees appointed by
the Mayor.

Position Overview

Under supervision and within the framework of goals, policies and procedures
of the Library,

supports all aspects of digital production workflow and participates in
outreach and instructional

activities pertaining to digital library services and related technologies.
This position is part of the

Division of Resource Services/Information Technology.

Reports to

Digital Projects Manager or delegate


As assigned, professional and support staff

Scope of Responsibility

1. Assists in the planning and implementation of activities related to

metadata and imaging production for the Library's digital library program.

2. Maintains current knowledge of best practices, standards, and technologies
related to

descriptive, technical, and administrative metadata and digital projects.
Participates in

recommending procedures for ensuring quality metadata production.

3. Works with digital projects group to integrate production of metadata into
the digital

imaging workflow.

4. Creates and/or completes subject analysis, authority work, and description
for metadata

records to ensure efficient retrieval of digital resources through local or
other data

networks. Assists in the creation and maintenance of authority records for


5. Assists in the production and/or updating of metadata for legacy files.

6. Verifies and edits resource descriptions prepared by Library staff; assists
in providing

training and encourages an understanding of metadata issues and technologies
for Library


7. Assists in the preparation and delivery of materials to be digitized.

8. Assists in the development and maintenance of institutional standards and
best practices

for digital projects program.

9. As assigned, assists in providing training and supervision of professional,

and part-time staff, students, and interns.

10. Assists with grant submissions for digital project proposals and grants.

11. Works on public service desks as assigned.

12. May be responsible for oral presentations and written reports on
activities within the


13. Actively participates in system-wide committees, trainings, and other


14. Assists in the training of professional and non-professional staff and in
the orientation of

both staff and members of the public to the services of the department.

15. Performs other related and/or comparable duties as assigned.


1. Proficiency with MSWord, Publisher, Power Point, and Excel.

2. Ability to apply traditional cataloging knowledge in evolving metadata

ability to adhere to rigorous accuracy and thoroughness requirements

3. Ability to execute library policy.

4. Ability to plan and supervise the work of others.

5. Demonstrates initiative and independent decision making skills.

6. Communicates effectively and presents ideas clearly.

7. Ability to think creatively and innovatively.

8. Identifies, plans, and prioritizes job responsibilities and tasks;
determines and implements

project timelines.

9. Demonstrates flexibility and the ability to adapt to change.

10. Collaborates with internal and external partners.

11. Ability to collaborate with library staff, external partners and


1. Education - Bachelor's Degree from a recognized college or university and a

Degree in Library and Information Science or equivalent degree from an
accredited library

school. Courses in digital libraries, XML, and/or standards-based non-MARC

schemas taken for credit at an accredited library school.

2. Experience

A minimum of 2 years experience with metadata work on digital projects in a
library setting,

including direct relevant experience with XML, metadata production and
digitization, and

standards-based non-MARC metadata schemas such as Dublin Core, MODS, METS, EAD

and TEI.

Demonstrated experience with authority work and authority metadata schemas
such as

MADS; demonstrated knowledge of traditional cataloging standards; demonstrated

experience with controlled vocabularies such as LCSH, LCTGM, and the Getty

Experience with relational databases; experience with digital asset management
systems and

archival data management systems such as Omeka, Content DM, Archon, and


Demonstrated proficiency in standard computer applications, spreadsheets,

integrated library systems, the Internet, and traditional library resources;

proficiency in web design and web authoring tools.


1. Ability to exercise good judgment and focus on detail as required by the

2. Residency - Must be a resident of the City of Boston upon the first day of

3. CORI - Must successfully clear a Criminal Offenders Record Information
check with the City of Boston.


Union/Salary Plan/Grade: PSA/P-2

Hours per week: 35

Please refer to the Salary Information section on the Boston Career Center
site for more information on compensation. For each Salary
Plan, salaries are listed by Grade and Step.

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