Hi all,

Just wanted to add some additional details about DuraCloud (mentioned 
earlier in this thread), in case it is of interest to anyone.

DuraCloud essentially provides an "abstraction layer" (as previously 
mentioned) above several cloud storage providers.  DuraCloud also 
provides additional preservation services to help manage your content in 
the cloud (e.g. integrity checks, replication across several storage 
providers, migration between storage providers, various health/status 

The currently supported cloud storage providers include:
- Amazon S3
- Rackspace

There's several other cloud storage providers which are "beta-level" or 
in development. These include:
- Amazon Glacier (in development)
- Chronopolis (in development)
- Azure (beta)
- iRODS (beta)
- HP Cloud (beta)

DuraCloud is open source (so you could run it on your own server), but 
it is also offered as a hosted service (through DuraSpace, my employer). 
You can also try out the hosted service for free for two months.

For much more info, see:
- Pricing for hosted service:
    * The pricing has dropped recently to reflect market changes
- More technical info / documentation:

If it's of interest, I can put folks in touch with the DuraCloud team 
for more info (or you can email [log in to unmask]).

- Tim

Tim Donohue
Technical Lead for DSpace Project