Shape and deliver inclusion of Australia's diverse digital heritage in this
innovative national service.

Guide and contribute to engagement with the public and the research sector.

[Trove]( is a free-to-the-public national resource
discovery and delivery service which invites and supports public engagement
through annotation and content contribution options. Trove is the Library's
largest and its flagship discovery service. Liaison with the general public is
a key responsibility.

The Trove Manager will work within the Collaborative Services Branch, which
also supports 1,300 Australian libraries via a range of services known as
Libraries Australia, including a Help Desk, marketing, training arrangements
and other liaison.

Our key challenge is to harness the benefits of new technologies to provide
the Australian community with greater access to the extraordinary collections
of Australian libraries and other cultural agencies where appropriate.
Collaboration has been a key factor for ensuring success.

The work of the Branch is informed by the Library's Strategic Directions,
especially Directions 2 and 3 (

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