Ranti Junus wrote:
> Let's talk the practical and the implementation. Kinda tired reading the on
> and on and on discussions.
> So, um, if I get harrased and I felt threatened, can I beat up that person
> senseless first for self-defense, then report the incident to... to whom?
> There's on open question on the github [1] that I haven't seen been
> discussed yet. At least, I haven't heard the input from this year's
> organizer: "Do we require a duty
> officer<>
> explicitly?
> Is it fair/reasonable/workable to have conference staff be in that role?"

Let's make that me for this year.

I hope you won't have to defend yourself or beat up anyone but do report 
that to me. I will make sure I am  *very easy to spot* ;-)


> ranti.
> [1]

May your camel be as swift as the wind.