Trello has been mentioned a few times on list for project management, 
and I'm pretty sure it will do all the things you are asking for: 
checklists, notifications, reminders, assignments, subscriptions, and 
file attachments, as well as a way to customize the workflow via 
different lists.  I have not used it for the purpose you describe, but 
have been really happy with its flexibility compared to existing tools.

An overview is here:

~ Shaun

On 1/29/13 12:33 PM, Edward M. Corrado wrote:
> I am hearing from some of our librarians that they would like an
> improved way to track trial databases. This could include a checklist
> and notifications for setting up authentication, adding and removing
> them from the trail database web page, etc.). One possibility could be
> to try to do this through an ERM but the ones that we have been
> looking at don't seem to have all of the functionality we'd want for
> this purpose. My question is, has anyone use any project management or
> similar software to do thus. If so, can you provide some details on
> what software you use(d) and how well it worked (or not),
> Thanks,
> Edward

Shaun Ellis
User Interace Developer, Digital Initiatives
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