The Oregon State University and Digital Library Federation Code4lib 2013 Minority and Gender Diversity Scholarships Committee is pleased to announce and congratulate the five (5) winners of this year's minority and gender diversity scholarships.

The awardees are:

May Chan, Burnaby Public Library
Myrna Morales, National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region
Sarah Shealy, Richland Library
Brian Wu, Graduate Student in Library and Information Sciences, UIUC
Emily Zervas, Rockingham Free Public Library

There was a very strong pool of applicants this year, and I believe this reflects both the strength of our profession and of the Code4lib Community.

I would also like to express a deep appreciation to the members of the scholarship committee, who worked around holiday schedules and travel. So, a big thank you to Ed Corrado, Christina Salazar, Jodi Schneider, and Santi Thompson!

Finally, once again a big thanks to Oregon State University Libraries and the Digital Library Federation – both of these organizations believe enough in both Code4lib and our efforts to continue to develop an inclusive community that they provided the funding to make the scholarships happen.

-- jaf

Jeremy Frumkin
Assistant Dean / Chief Technology Strategist
University of Arizona Libraries

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