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> The hotel is a mile or thereabouts from UIC Forum. Here is the problem
> with us natives planning. It never crossed our minds that walking a mile
> while on the *upper limit* of our shuttling to and from work is not the
> norm for everyone.

I am personally looking forward to the walk.  Though I live in Florida, I've lived in colder places and have appropriate coats, etc.  And I don't have any mobility issues, and routinely walk a few miles just for fun.

But if I didn't already own cold-weather gear that I would never need in Florida, I would not be looking forward to walking a mile, early in the morning or late at night, in February, in Chicago, where I could reasonably expect it to be in the ballpark of 20F.

Which reminds me, I really hope some warmer locales are prepping c4l14 proposals as we speak.

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 form of theft." -- Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture