Hi Kun,

I'm a big fan of Basecamp (  With a small group, it is pretty easy to get by with just the free version and it handles distribution and archiving of emails.  Unless you're looking for time-tracking, it has done a very good job for a couple of the projects I've worked on.  I've noticed a few people get excited about the ability for it to store files and have "wikis" (called "whiteboards" in Basecamp), though it is easy to outgrow the free version quickly.  I generally use it as a scheduling, to-do list (with assignments), and email system.  You can always complement the file storage with Dropbox or an internal file system.  

Adam Traub

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Hi all,

Our library is looking for a project management system. Does anyone has any suggestions on which one to choose? We only have a very small team and our main focus is to guide our librarians to submit their ideas and for record tacking purposes.