Code4Lib's female bot Zoia beats Koha's male bot Wahanui any day of the week.

    I have to say, when I first saw this thread rev up, I thought "Heavens! What are those ruffians teaching my darling girl?!" I think I've witnessed irreverent quips from time to time, but I don't think I caught anything sexist from her. (Not that I'm always in Code4Lib or even there a lot.)

    My metric for coding and usability has ever been is task X easy enough for me to do it? In this case that would read: is teaching the bot a new trick, or unlearning an olde bad one, easy enough for me to do it? The answer in this case is a very easy yes. So that gives you an idea of comfort zone. :) I *think* (I'm being horrible and not checking) that she's a supybot, or in any case at least mostly observes that set of commands, so if you're curious, check this out:

    Cause this is anarchy where we can just change the bot back to being civil, yes?